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WYWY.Wide Smart Power Bank for Oculus Quest 2 Accessories/Mate Quest Ultra Light Battery Pack




Price: $36.99
(as of Mar 23,2022 16:44:21 UTC – Details)

Here are 5 reasons why you should buy Smart Power Bank 1. 5000 mAh high-capacity battery doubles game time 2. Customized mounting and fixed kit specially designed for Sports games, no need to worry about Smart Power bank loose or fall during the fierce game and big movement 3 Customized high quality adapter cable to secure the charging interface and adjust the position of Smart Power Bank 4 Smart chip control, Visualized power monitoring window, accurate control of battery capacity and use time 5 Use the type-c output power supply High quality charging cables allow you to power more devices
“smart power bank” Charging Solution has 5000Mah 21700model power battery, which can provide about 2 hours of battery life for quest / Quest 2, so that you can no longer worry about battery life in the happy time of family gatherings and friends’ gatherings. The white mobile power supply and adapter cable are perfectly matched with your quest 2
“smart power bank” Charging Solution weighs only 0.2lb and has almost no sense of load when used on quest2. We have attached a stable kit, so that your quest2 can still safely make your actions when using the intelligent power supply system and performing large-scale exercise. There is no need to worry that the “smart power bank” will shake violently and interfere with your game experience
“smart power bank” has a visual power display window. You can intuitively see the accurate situation of 100% residual power / charging, so that you can know the battery power accurately in real time, not just a few lamps with vague concept. The internal control chip of the battery is set to be very durable especially when the battery has only 10% power left, please pay attention to the standby performance when it’s final 10% battery power.
“smart power bank” has a switch. Pressing once is to start the power supply and discharge, and pressing twice is to stop the discharge, which can enable you to better plan the power of the “smart power bank” and will not cause the fearless loss of power. When the “smart power bank” is charged and discharged, the calorific value is low and safer
“smart power bank” can be charged and discharged through the charging port. We have attached a high-quality multi-functional charging line for the”smart power bank” which can charge a variety of devices at any time, and can also provide two power supply modes of type-C and USB interfaces for the”smart power bank”