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Sound Bars for TV with Subwoofer, 3D / DSP/Bluetooth/HDMI-ARC Home Speakers, Bass Treble Adjustable,




Price: $119.00
(as of Mar 22,2022 07:34:41 UTC – Details)

Product Description

sound bars for tvsound bars for tv

sound barsound bar

soundbar for tvsoundbar for tv



speakers for tv

speakers for tv

tv speakers

tv speakers

Convenient Bluetooth 5.0 connection

If you plan on using your soundbar for listening to music when the TV is off, BT100 is your best choice. It include Bluetooth streaming, which lets you play music from your phone, PC, or tablet. With Bluetooth, it will also work with any of your connected devices, so your movies will still sound good even if you are watching them on a laptop.

Humanized Remote Control

There’s a Surround “3D” mode on the remote that widens the soundstage beyond the modest dimensions, and you can also tweak the sound even further with bass and treble settings through remote control.

USB drive connection

It features a USB port to play directly from flash drives. You can dedicate a thumb drive for just the music.

sound bars for tvsound bars for tv

User tips:

1. Please make sure your TV’s audio port is Audio Out, instead of audio in.

2. For traditional tvs, you use an aux, coaxial or RCA cable to connect to, and for smart TVs, you can choose to connect via Bluetooth, HDMI ARC or optical connection.

3. Except Aux and BT connection, for Optical / HDMI ARC / Coaxial / RCA connections, please change your TV’s digital audio format to PCM (PCM is a form of digital signal that is used to represent analogue data, and is an optional audio Format on many Televisions).

4. Please make sure to insert line cable no matter you want to use it as soundbar or apart them as dual speaker.

sound systemsound system

polk audio speakerspolk audio speakers

What’s Included

Sound Bar
Remote Control (without battery)
DC Adapter
Coaxial Cable
Aux Cable
HDMI ARC cable
Optical Cable
Aux to RCA(red/white) cable
Short Line Cable(connect Combined sound bar)
Long Line Cable(connect Disassembled soundbar )

[Elevate your TV sound with powerful bass] Add amazing sound bar for your TV with the 2.1 ch Soundbar BT100. Surround Sound let you experience great 3D effects, the included wired subwoofer delivers Powerful Bass, and whether it’s sport, TV or music, Smart DSP Sound Mode can optimize audio to suit your content. The device features five sound units, 4 full-range speaker and one bass woofers, offers not only excellent sound quality but also awesome bass sounds. Guarantees a great listening experience.
[Versatile sound system?] The Bluetooth soundbar connects to your devices in various ways. You can use an optical cable, a SPDIF line, Auxiliary cables and HDMI ARC lines. The TV soundbar provides cinema-quality sounds. It adds a significant effect when watching movies, playing games, and more. The device works with most Bluetooth gadgets. You can also use these speakers with your music players, iPods, tablets, cellphones, TVs and more.
[Sound Bar / Dual Speaker?] This is a sound bar that can be split in half to form two upright standing speakers. When it’s in tower form, there’s two bases you attach the speaker to for wider footing. The sound bar format is great for TVs while the standing speakers work great for computers/desks. Very neat!
[Soundbar are must haves!] for all kinds of home entertainment. They can turn a regular TV or sound system into a state-of-the-art, big-tech setup that will impress everyone. Soundbars are perfect for use with: TVs, Movies, Gaming, Projectors, Music and media streaming.
[Set up your sound bar in minutes] The included HDMI, optical, coaxial, aux, aux to RCA cables quickly connect your TV & subwoofer to the sound bar. Plug in TV’s audio out source via HDMI ARC, optical, coaxial & 3.5mm audio jack to sound bar’s input port. And then set your TV’s audio digital format into PCM to enjoy the wonderful world.