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Smart Watch,1.47″ HD Full Touch Screen Smartwatch for Android and iOS Phones GADIXY Fitness Tracker



Price: $26.01
(as of Mar 24,2022 19:05:42 UTC – Details)

Product Description


GADIXY—Companionship is our ultimate mission!

Multifunctional smart watch :

Heart rate: please turn on ” heart rate monitoring “——“Auto test “——-“Hightestrate-“—–“set the highest heart rate”
Blood pressure/Blood Oxygen: “blood pressure ”on the homepage—–“start test “. There is a piece of data every time you click, no data if you don’t click.
Text and call: This smartwatch can’t send messages or can’t answer calls directly.but you can receive messages and refuse phone call .
IP67 waterproof:allowing you to wash your hands, bathe, but please do not use it in an environment with corrosive liquids and hot steam.
Compatibility: Compatible with smart phones with ios 9.0/android 4.4 and above version.
Pratical functions: such as Alarm / Stopwatch/ Timer / Flashlight/Music Player / Remote Camera/ Find phone and Customize Watch Faces.
Women’s menstrual cycle reminder
Sleep monitor: Please don’t test sleep by day. This watch could only test sleep hours at night during sleeping.

24 sports modes24 sports modes

GADIXY-Love Every Minute and Second of Life

Fitness watch provides :this smartwatch traces Swimming, Gymnastics, Walking, Running, Treadmill, Bicycle, Yoga, Rope skipping, Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton,Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Volleyball, Cricket, Football, Dance, Mountaineering, Spinning Cycling, Sit Ups, Boating, Jumping and Hockey. You can view your running location map on app only click to connect with phones gps.
When you want to record training data, smart watches can connect to the GPS of your mobile phone to obtain exercise trajectory and pace, calories, distance, steps, exercise time, exercise frequency, allowing you to understand your all-day activities in more detail.

1.47"HD Full Screen&320x320 resolution1.47"HD Full Screen&320x320 resolution

*Dial Center >My Dial>Custom Dial :

operation route: select image —-album—-crop–synchronous dial —success!

*Date/Week :

After the watch is paired successfully, the date will be automatically synchronized with the mobile phone, and no settings are required.

sleep monitoring

sleep monitoring

weather forecast

weather forecast

remote camera

remote camera

Automatic sleep tracking can monitor your sleep during 8 PM to 9 AM, and record your sleep status.(deep sleep, light sleep, awakening) You can see your current day’s sleep data on the watch (maybe some delay for a few minutes)

The smart watch can check the weather index, which is convenient and clear at a glance, allowing you to check the specific weather conditions of your location at any time without a mobile phone.

Once the watch is connected to the phone, the watch will automatically synchronize the weather status of the phone, no settings are required

Connect to the App, control directly the phone’s camera to record your cherished moment by shaking your wrist.

Route:open App–Device –Universal setting—Click “shake your watch to take phone “—shake your wrist is ok

music player

music player

sedentary reminder

sedentary reminder

mobile phone search

mobile phone search

Allows you to control music via the smart watch directly. Connect to App, tap the watch to play or pause music and switch songs, make it easier to adjust your music .(switch freely previous song, next song, stop)

After sitting and working for a long time, smart watch android will remind you to move your body. You can set the relaxation time, which is good for your health, can relax your body and mind and relieve stress.

Route:Open APP–Device—Turn on sedentary reminder–set time–confirm .

As long as the watch is always connected to the phone via Bluetooth, you can use the phone to find the watch or use the watch to find the phone.

Route:open App–Device –Universal setting—Bracelet looking for mobile phone —open smart watch—Swipe your finger from top to bottom–click “small icon–find phone”.

App settingApp setting

For IOS connection ,

1:you need to find iPhone setting——notifications——”Smart Wristaband 3 ”allow notification—show previews “always ”

【Heart Rate /Blood Oxygen/Blood Pressure/Sleep Monitoring】The smartwatches give you blood Pressure,Oxygen monitor (SpO2),which can also help you to keep track of your sleep data and bring you to more scientific sleep habits. Automatically monitor your heart rate all day. As it can monitor your heart rate automatically all day, you can check the heart rate graph and rest/average/max/min heart rate data on the App. This function can help you understand your physical state better.
【24 sports models/activities track】smart watches for women features 24 built-in sports modes, allowing to satisfy sports enthusiasts whether indoors or outdoors.Accurately track your steps, calories and distance. It supports the following 24 sports modes: Running, cycling, swimming,jumping rope,badminton,pingpong,tennis,baskeball,dance,spinning,gymnastics, Hiking, Yoga and Other.
【Messages Notification】Receive and read SMS messages and SNS notifications (Facebook, WhatsAPP, Messenger, Instagram, Gmail and etc.) This smart watch will vibrate slightly (no ring) and allow you to view the message directly on the watch.(Note: Can’t reply messages or answer calls).This fitness watches support control the music playback or camera,alarm clock,drink water reminder,weather forecast,support menstrual cycle prediction and guidance for women, such as period and ovulation。
【IP67 Waterproof &Long Battery Life】With the IP67 waterproof rating, you can wear this smart watch on many occasions without worries, like washing hands or running in the rain. (Note: Not suitable for diving, swimming in the sea, sauna, or hot bath.)This smart watch also has large battery. You can use it with confidence, no need to recharge frequently. After charging for 2-3 hours, this watch can be used for up to 5-7 days and its standby time is 30 days.