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Smart Watch for Android Phones Compatible iPhone Samsung, 1.7″ Waterproof Smartwatch with Heart Rate



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The best gift for mothers, women and men in 2021!

1.1.7 inch square color screen.

2.IP68 Waterproof Fitness Tracker.

3.Connect GPS in your phone to track all your exercise routes.

4.The USB cable has a magnetic port, which can be easily and quickly connected to the smart watch for charging.

5.Notification: blood pressure, blood oxygen, call, Whats-App, F-acebook, Vi-ber,Instag-ram,SMS, apps, alarm clock, goal arrival, calendar, weather 6.forecast, female physical health.

7.Compatible operating system: iOS 8.0 and above & Android 5.0 and above.

8.Daily activity monitoring heart rate (24-hour real-time heart rate monitoring).

9.Sleep (record normal sleep (not including short breaks): time to fall asleep, time to wake up, total sleep time.).

10.Women’s health reminder: Get health reminders to learn about the latest information such as menstrual cycles (this feature will only be displayed if your user settings are set to women).

11.Remote camera and music control: Connect the smart watch to the smart phone, and only need to shake the wrist to take pictures while wearing the smart watch. Music control allows you to play/pause, skip songs and change the volume when the watch is synchronized with the smartphone.

12.The smart watch provides you with up to 8 sports modes to choose from: walking, running, cycling, basketball, football, badminton, swimming, skipping rope.

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Q1: How to set up the watch correctly

1. Download PUBF Fit (scan the QR code or search for PUBF Fit download in the app store), and then turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone.

2:Open the APP, click “Bind Device”, and select P21 in the list,If your phone has been connected to other smart watches before, please check the Bluetooth of your smart phone and click “Forgot this device” before connecting it to your new watch.

3. After connecting, you can make some personal settings. Make sure that the distance between your smartphone and the watch is no more than 5 meters, and keep the watch screen always on when pairing.

4.Note: Our application is PUBF Fit, please download the correct

application, otherwise you will not be able to set the watch correctly. In addition, the watch is connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, but this process needs to be completed in the App.

Q2: Does it apply to my mobile phone?

1: kkloffv smart watch requires iOS 8.0 and Android 5.0 or higher, and Bluetooth 5.0 or higher. It only works on smartphones and is not compatible with PCs or tablets. Please check the operating system and Bluetooth version of your smartphone before purchasing. (From Phone-Settings-About Phone)

Q3: How to measure heart rate or pedometer correctly?

1: Make sure that the green light-emitting area of ​​​​the watch is in proper contact with your skin and avoid sliding during exercise. Otherwise, the watch cannot receive the green light reflected by the blood vessel normally, which will affect the measurement result.

2:The way the watch is worn also affects the measurement results. Make sure that the watch does not move during exercise. In addition, the step count result is also affected by factors such as the user’s arm posture, stride length, body shape, road level or slope.

Exercising while sleeping, driving or driving, or bumping on bumpy roads may cause an increase in steps. (cannot be used as medical supplies)

Q4: If you cannot receive notifications when the watch is connected to the App, please follow the steps below:

1: Enter the settings of the smartphone-Notifications-select the applications that allow notifications.

2:Open the PUBU Fit application-data-click “notification”-select the application to receive notifications

Make sure that the “Do Not Disturb” feature is not enabled from the app or watch.

3:If the watch still does not receive any notifications, please uninstall the PUBU Fit app and forget the P21 from the Bluetooth list of the smartphone, then reinstall the PUBU Fit app and re-pair according to the previous pairing steps.

Q5: How to charge the watch?

1:The watch has a charging cable with magnetic coupling. Just fix the connector on the back of the watch and let the magnet snap it into place automatically. Then place the watch horizontally to charge it.

Android phones and iPhone smart watch: Smart Watch are compatible with IOS 8.0 and/or Android 5.0, and smartphones above Samsung are compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 (not compatible with iPads and tablets), you can receive real-time notifications of incoming calls , SMS, and Chat software messages, such as (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp), etc, without missing important messages.
1.7-inch full touch screen smart watch: The new smartwatch 1.7-inch color touch screen allows you to view the health data of the fitness watch more clearly and intuitively. healthy Smart watches support various dials you can use any photo you like to set your watch face, such as your family, children, pets, etc, is the best Thanksgiving Christmas gift for husband, wife, and lovers.
Heart rate monitoring and sleep smartwatch: Aerobic smartwatches use high-performance sensors that can monitor your heart rate in real-time, The blood pressure watch tracks your sleep time and stage by comprehensively analyzing sleep quality data. smart watches can help you better grasp health changes and adjust your lifestyle habits.(Watches cannot be used for medical purposes).
IP68 waterproof smart watch long-lasting battery: Waterproof fitness smart watch meets the IP68 waterproof standard. You can wear it while washing your hands, running in the rain or even swimming. The charging stand makes charging more stable. This sports watch can be fully charged in only 1.5 hours, can work for 5-7 days, and standby for 30 days. (Support 30 days return and 1-year warranty).