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Replacement Oculus Quest 2 Elite Head Strap 3-in-1 Version, Kuject Detachable & Adjustable Headband




Price: $39.99 - $34.99
(as of Mar 23,2022 00:59:32 UTC – Details)

Product Description

oculus quest 2 head strapoculus quest 2 head strap

Kuject adjustable oculus quest 2 head strap – Upgraded Elite Strap Replacement

In order to cater to the needs of more people, our headband adopts a detachable design. You can easily disassemble and assemble according to your needs. Each version has a suitable audience. Both adults and children can enjoy the happiness brought by the virtual world.

oculus head strap

oculus head strap

back pad

back pad

adjustable strap

adjustable strap

Enhanced headband

The headstrap uses ABS plastic material that is not easy to crack, which not only has strong toughness but also maintains strong characteristics.

Breathable back pad

Equipped with soft cushions, breathable and not easy to accumulate sweat. Let you enjoy VR games comfortably for a long time.

Upgrade design

Compared with the traditional head strap, it has been upgraded, and the side straps has been made to fit the contours of human ears, and it is not easy to cut the ears.

oculus quest 2 carring case

oculus quest 2 carring case

quest 2 headstrap

quest 2 headstrap

3 in 1 version

3 in 1 version

Lightweight and portable

Its detachable feature makes it compatible with either the official Oculus carrying case or most carrying cases on the market.

Humanized design

The head strap uses a knob type adjustment, allowing you to adjust the length of the side straps faster and easier.

Suitable for more people

You can adjust the version of the elite strap according to your needs, so that everyone in the family can enjoy the fun of the game.

package includepackage include

Note: Not including carrying case

installation stepsinstallation steps

vr gamesvr games

Compatible Device
Oculus Quest 2 Oculus Quest/Quest 2 Oculus Quest/Quest 2 Oculus Quest/Quest 2 Oculus Quest/Quest 2 Oculus Quest/Quest 2

Key Feature
Anti-skid texture USB C to C USB A to C USB C to C USB C to C Separated Charging Port

6.5*6*1 Inch 16ft/ 5m 16ft/ 5m 20ft/ 6m 20ft/ 6m 16ft/ 5m

Black Black Black White Grey Black

Soft Silicone TPE TPE TPE PVC, Nylon PVC

Lightweight and portable: The Oculus Quest 2 elite strap replacement is easy to install and disassemble, and fits perfectly into the official Quest2 carrying case and most of the market case, making it very easy to carry.
Comfortable VR experience: The corners of the product are designed with arc shaped which will not squeeze your ears. The head back pad is equipped with memory foam wrapped in high-grade PU material, and is easy to clean. It can provide you with a longer game time and more comfortable immersive gaming experience.
High-quality material: The overall frame of the headband is made of reinforced ABS plastic material, which takes into account the characteristics of toughness, durability, and drop resistance. It effectively reduces the risk of cracking during use and greatly extends the life of the headstrap.
Easy to adjust: The length of the side bar can be easily adjusted through the anti-slip knob, and the tightness of the vr headset can be quickly adjusted, so that all family members can find a suitable head position to use.