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Quest Link Cable 16ft/5M, SAILLIN 5Gbps High Speed Data Transfer Oculus Quest 2 Link Cable, 3A Fast




Price: $21.99
(as of Mar 24,2022 11:50:21 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Quest 2 Link cableQuest 2 Link cable

SAILLIN Oculus Quest Link Cable 16FT/5M

This Quest link cable transfers your data from the PC to the Quest device, so that your Oculus Quest 1/2 can be used independently as an Oculus Rift to play VR games, and you can also directly play PC games.

Quest 2 link cableQuest 2 link cable

Oculus Quest 2 Link Cable 16 FT/5M

Quest 2 link cableQuest 2 link cable Go Perfectly with Oculus Quest 2 16FT/5M Flexible Length 90° Type-C Port Aluminum Alloy shell & High-elastic TPE Cable

Unique, Comfortable Design and High Quality

Compatible with Oculus Quest 1/2

Perfect match for oculus quest 2 headset in appearance and color.
After many tests, the length of 16FT is better, not too short will limit the movement space, and not too long will cause it to tangle on the ground and avoid tripping when gaming.
The user-friendly 90-degree Type-C port design makes the link cable fit more firmly with your Quest VR headset. Don’t worry about “disconnection” anymore!
Made of high-elastic TPE material and Aluminum shell, great flexibility and durability.

Provide More Gaming Space

Oculus Quest Link CableOculus Quest Link Cable

Oculus Quest Link CableOculus Quest Link Cable

Please pay attention:

Please check the compatibility page of our link cable before purchasing to make sure your GPU supports using the oculus devices.
Before starting the game, please use Velcro to fix the VR cable to the Quest device to prevent the cable from being pulled out during the movement.
The maximum output power of the computer USB port is 5V&1A, which cannot reach the standard of fast charging, we do recommend that you charge the Oculus Quest fully before playing games.
Please make sure that the VR cable is plugged into the USB3.0/3.1 interface of the motherboard of your PC to achieve the smoothest entertainment experience.

Oculus Quest Link CableOculus Quest Link Cable

【Perfect for Oculus Quest 2/1】 SAILLIN stylish white link cable is the perfect match for Oculus Quest 2/1 to get a link with a gaming PC that supports you play all Steam VR games and Oculus Rift apps.
【High-speed Transfer & Safe Charging】The Oculus link cable supports 5Gbps high-speed transmission and 3A large charging current. It just takes 3-5s to transfer 1G file, powerful data transmission capability can guarantee a stable link, therefore it can guarantee an excellent and smooth VR experience without a trace of frozen and delay. (Please make sure to plug it into a USB 3.0 slot on the GPU or motherboard to ensure optimal performance).
【Flexible 16ft Length but lightweight Cable】This cable gets 16 ft long but weighs only 8.8 ounces so that you can get the maximum freedom of movement and allow you to immerse yourself in the VR world without restrictions, feels like that there is “no wire” between your oculus quest and gaming PC.
【User-Friendly Design】 The USB-C port with a 90-degree angle specially design, connecting with your Quest VR headset to be more stable and fit. What’s more, the bundled velcro strap can get the cable and the VR device tightly tied together to prevent disconnection during having fun.
【Durable and Reliable】This VR link cable is made of high-elastic TPE material, after 10,000 bending tests, it can still be used perfectly but won’t break. This cable got great flexibility, stretch and abrasion resistance. SAILLIN provides a lifetime warranty and friendly Customer Service Support, just buy with confidence!