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Oculus Quest 2 Controllers Gun Stock Pistol and Rifle Plus Battery Clips Bundle




Price: $89.99
(as of Mar 23,2022 02:01:49 UTC – Details)

Take All Your Shooter Games to The ext Level! Shooting games are some of the most popular games in VR. VR gun controllers add a level of immersion you can’t get with your regular VR controllers. Real sizes makes for more comfortable, stable and realistic shooting.Here is the perfect virtual reality gaming accessory to add to your arsenal.
【Aim better in VR】: VR gun stocks make virtual reality shooting games much more immersive, physically demanding, and realistic. On top of that, they can improve your aim drastically and give you an edge over your opponents.Aim down your sights like never before and experience virtual reality in a new way!
【Feel the Game】: Your controllers can bring you out of the immersion due to misalignment causing items to move unrealistically. Using this stock will eliminate this issue while holding two handed items in perfect, stable alignment!
【Hassle-free One-step Installation】: We don’t need you take times to assemble, just placed it in the right position then one press and finished. No more time confused and suck here, you should enjoy your game.
【Ergonomic Finger Grip】: Comfort and a consistent hold,this helps maintain consistent grip even better in game .Full access to all buttons and thumbsticks,giving a more realistic feel.
【Counter Weight】:Battery pack works as a counter weight to move the center of balance to the middle of the headset so it rests on the top of your head on not on your face, cheeks or nose making the headset more comfortable to wear.