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KRX Design Halo Head Strap for Oculus/Meta Quest 2, Adjustable Strap and Ear Muffs Accessories for




Price: $44.99 - $39.98
(as of Mar 23,2022 07:17:00 UTC – Details)

Product Description



The thickened sponge pad will let you feel less pressure on your head and get you fully immersed in VR.



KRX support for a variety of gameplay







40% Viewing mode, Plays can relaxd watch VR movies

50% Game mode, playing game is more comfortable and stable

10% bow mode, a few games need to bow and other special cases

Enhanced side straps: The side straps of our elite straps are made of high-molecular polymer materials, which have better toughness and can withstand high-strength use
Detachable ear muffs design: On the basis of the strap, we have added a pair of ear muffs that are very convenient for disassembly and installation, and can adjust the direction and expansion distance according to needs, providing excellent sound quality to enhance the immersion of playing games
360°+180° All-round surround hood design: 360° head surround makes wearing more stable, 180° head decompression design can reduce stress and relieve fatigue
Gravity balance distributed ergonomic design: The adjustability in multiple axises, adjusting according to needs can evenly distribute the product gravity to the position you want, greatly reducing the pressure, make your head more comfortable when playing games
Comfortable padding: Compared with most other head straps, a soft and skin-friendly foam cushion is added on the forehead and two foam cushions with adjustable gravity distribution are used on the top of the head to replace the head rope, the pads are removable for a good wash