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Haylou Smart Watch for Android iOS Phones, 1.69″ Touch Screen Smart Watches for Men Women with 12



Price: $32.99
(as of Mar 23,2022 22:56:19 UTC – Details)

Product Description

touch screen smartwatchtouch screen smartwatch

haylou apphaylou app


How to Connect Haylou Fun APP

1. Long press the button of the watch to turn it on.

2. Scan the QR code on the watch screen with your mobile phone to download the APP.

3. Users can also search, download and install the App in the App store.

4. Open the App, click the device page, and complete the pairing connection according to the interface prompts. Please confirm the Bluetooth name displayed on the phone and the watch are the same when pairing.

How to convert between metric and imperial units ?

Open the Haylou Fun APP –> “ My” –> “Settings” –> “Unit settings”

Specifications APP: Haylou Fun Sceen Size: 1.69 inches Metal Frame Material: zinc alloy Screen Resolution: 240*280 pixel Waterproof Grade: IP68 Bluetooth Connection: BLE 5.0 Charging Time: less than 2 hours Weight(including strap): 50g

fitness watch

fitness watch

fitness tracker

fitness tracker

smart watch

smart watch

Customize Your Watch Face

Apart from the various built-in dials and online dials, you can even select your own photo from the album as the watch face. It can be any photos, such as your family, pet ,selfie, etc.

Fitness Tracker with Weather Forecast

The smart watch can check the weather index, which is convenient and clear at a glance, allowing you to check the specific weather conditions of your location at any time without a mobile phone.

Sedentary Reminder

When you are immersed in work and remain sitting for a long time, this smart watch will vibrate to remind you to have a rest for a while.

smart watch

smart watch





Music Control

Tap the watch to play or pause music and switch songs without having to take your phone from your pocket, free your hand and enjoy the passionate collision of sports and music.

Auto Sleep Monitoring

By connecting the smart phone, the fitness watch can automatically monitor and record your sleep status (Deep sleep, Light sleep and Awake time), helping you to know how long and how well you sleep during the nigh.

20+ Days Standby

Equipped with a 220mAh large capacity battery, It can be used for up to 10 days and standby for 20+ days after fully charged(Tips: comes with a magnetic charging USB cable).


Why does Bluetooth always disconnect? Why can’t the data sync?

1. Please note that the maximum Bluetooth distance is 10 meters. If the watch was beyond the distance, it will cause the disconnection with phone.

2. Make sure the Bluetooth function of your device is on and the APP is running in the background.

3. Please check if the watch has been upgraded to the latest version

Can’t I receive the Call/Text Messages/SNS notifications?

1. Make sure the connection between the watch and phone, the BT function of your device is on and the APP is running in the background.

2. Make sure your phone allows the “Haylou Fun” app to send notifications.

3. Make sure you have turned on “Message Notice”and “Incoming Call Notice” on the “Haylou Fun” app. (Open the “Haylou Fun” APP –> click “My smart watch” –> click “Haylou GST” –> switch on all the application you need.) Note: THE WATCH CAN NOT MAKE MESSAGES, CALLS, or TEXT BACK.

Can’t monitor your sleep status?

1. Please check if the “Haylou Fun” APP has been upgraded to the latest version (Go to the “Haylou Fun” App–> Click “My”–> Click the “Version”–> Upgrade the new version.

2. Please restart the watch and wear it again the next day to check if there is a sleep record.

Screen Size
1.69″ 1.32″ 1.4“

Screen Resolution:
240*280 pixel 360*360 pixel 240*240 pixel

Battery Capacity
220mAh 330mAh 220mAh

Waterproof Grade
IP68 IP68 lP68

Personalized Dials



Weight(including strap)
50g 55g 38g

24/7 Accurate Fitness Tracker: The fitness watch has built-in advanced HR sensors that can accurately monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep and other data. By recording and analyze the data on the Haylou Fun APP, you can better understand your health status and improve the lifestyle.
Activity Tracker with 12 Sports Modes: The smart watch for android phones has 12 sports modes, which can monitor your sports data such as steps, mileage and exercise time during exercise. You can also record your daily exercise track by connecting to your mobile phone.
Long Battery & IP68 Waterproof: Low power consumption design offers longer endurance, 220mAh battery capacity can offer 10 days of daily use and at least 20 days of standby time. Haylou smart watch is designed with an IP68 waterproof grade, allowing you to wear your watch when swimming or taking a shower.
Call and Message Notifications: By connecting to your mobile phone, this watch can act as your personal assistant, allowing you to view messages and call notifications directly through the smartwatch when you are busy or when your phone is not around you. In addition, you can also set alarms for schedule reminders and check the weather forecast through the smart watch.