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Pressure Cooker Buying Guide USA 2022

How Versatile Are Pressure Cookers?

Pressure cookers have been recognized as perhaps the most versatile food preparation devices that anyone could have in their kitchen.


They can save money and time when it comes to cooking delicious meals – whether it be for the family or for a group of friends who have gathered to socialize.


However, even the increasing popularity of the pressure cooker has left many people confused about just how versatile this piece of kitchen equipment can be.


First, let’s look at some basics. A pressure cooker can reduce the cooking time of several family staples by up to 70%. Want that thick and creamy chicken soup with added veggies for a cool winter evening – ready in under an hour. 


Classic pot roast with all the veggies (including prep time) – just over an hour.


And in both of these instances, you end up with a meal that has a much higher nutritional value than you would get using traditional methods of cooking. But aside from that, you are going to have a protein that retains its natural flavor and it melts in the mouth well.


There is very little that you cannot use your pressure cooker to prepare.


But some secret meals may amaze those who are new to the world of pressure cookers.


Here are a few favorites.


Want that perfect starter before serving the main course. Artichokes. For 30 minutes. Pop some fresh garlic cloves in there and serve with a sprinkling of the cheese of your choice and some breadcrumbs and you have provided the perfect intro to a great meal. Toast some french loaf, serve a slice of two on the plate, and you have the ideal start to a dinner party.


What about that family’s favorite mac and cheese. You can make mac and cheese in a pressure cooker in under 30 minutes. And it will not be a soggy, tasteless mess. Add all the ingredients – make sure that the temperature is right and you will have a glorious home-cooked meal in next to no time.


Want to get fancy for the big game – and make sure that your guests will compliment you on the quality of the snacks? Teriyaki Barbecue Chicken Wings. All in under 10 minutes. This one does require a little extra effort in that you will have to place it under heat in the oven for about 5 minutes to crisp them up. But for a total prep time to finished and served of under 30 minutes, it still means that you will be saving enormous amounts of time – that you can be spending with friends and family.


Preparing beef brisket can be a long process. For most people it means between 6 to 8 hours, Soaking the brisket in the marinade overnight gives a great depth of flavor. And then an hour in the pressure cooker and you have a dish that will have people coming back for more.


Pressure cookers are incredibly versatile. Investigate which model would best suit your needs today.


Best Pressure Cooker Reviews and Buyers Guide

I know that pressure cookers are a fantastic way to save time and money while preparing healthy and affordable homemade meals. The best are not just for tenderizing and for cooking stews they can also help you create your favorite comfort foods quicker than it would be done in a regular pot while keeping the fabulous flavors you love.


Using a pressure cooker has many advantages, and there are a plethora of models on the market. They not only cut your cooking time down but work to preserve more of the vitamins and nutrients in your food which is lost with other methods of cooking. Additionally, the decreased cooking time leads to saving on your electricity bill. It’s better for your pocket and the environment.


Here you will find the information necessary to help you find the best electric pressure cooker for your needs. With many brands to choose from and many features that may be necessary or not, we will help you narrow down what’s important based on your requirements.


Why Use an Electric Pressure Cooker?



  • Foods cooked in a pressure cooker will cook anywhere from 3 to 10 times quicker than other cooking methods.
  • A pressure cooker enables you to cook an entire meal in one pot without the flavors intermingling.

The cooker also allows you to precook some foods and then finish cooking them via other methods such as when tenderizing meats or lentils and beans. Yes, pressure cookers help you to get your meals to the table a lot faster than your regular pot will.



  • Because a pressure cooker cooks food quickly and with just a little bit of liquid while trapping all the steam inside, it retains nutrients and flavors.

The environment inside the pressure cooker is almost airless and as such the food reabsorbs any nutrients that it loses during cooking. The same goes for flavor – because the cooking environment does not allow for the loss of steam, flavors are not boiled off but, instead, they are reabsorbed into the foods and into any juices left in the pot after cooking.


  • Modern pressure cookers have some safety features.
  • Safety was a big issue with older models of pressure cookers, but you don’t have to worry about your pressure cooker exploding.

Many pressure cookers nowadays have not one but multiple safety features. Some pressure cookers have visual indicators which show the pressure inside the pot as well as self-locking handles that cannot be opened unless the pressure inside is at a minimum. There are also pressure relief systems that help to release pressure if the interior pressure gets too high.


  • You know that old saying that time is money? The same is true with pressure cookers; they save time and thus save money.
  • When you cook faster, you lessen the use of electricity, and so you save money on your energy bills.

Since food is cooked at high temperatures, you can now purchase budget cuts and still get them to be tender and tasty thus saving you money again. So using a pressure cooker helps you to save money in more than one way. Why keep a slow cooker on all day if a pressure cooker can do the work within 20 minutes?

What to Look For When Buying a Pressure Cooker


There are different types of pot. There is the old type as well as the second generation and the electric pressure cookers.

The old type is the pressure cooker your grandmother used which had only one pressure level and a weight on top. This type of pressure cooker is not very popular on the market today since they are clunky and are less safe than newer models.

Second generation and electric models are more popular because they have more than one pressure setting which allows you to modify the interior temperature of the cooker, which gives you a lot of options so you can cook many different kinds of foods in your pressure cooker. We strongly recommend going with an electric model.


Once you decide what type is right for you, you can now take a look at sizes. The most popular pressure cooker sizes are 4 quarts, 6 quarts, and 8 quarts and this refers to the liquid capacity of the cooker.


Singles or couples-only households will be fine with a 4-quart pressure cooker. This size is suitable for preparing a whole meal for one or two people.


The 6-quart pressure cooker is the most popular with most pressure cooker recipes designed for this size. This is the size you would choose for the average family size.


If your family is larger than five members or if you cook for other purposes than for your household you would want to get an 8-quart pressure cooker.


There are even large pressure cookers as well including 16 quart, 18 quart, and 23-quart models for commercial cooking and canning.


As with any other purchase, the brand of your pressure cooker is important. There are of course many pressure cooker manufacturers on the market. You will want a pressure cooker that will give you some years of service.


The option for the brand is totally up to you, but you will want to keep some pointers in mind.


Choose a brand that has been manufacturing pressure cookers for some years and that has seen success in the pressure cooker market. You want to purchase a brand from a reputable retailer so when you need servicing and parts you can easily get them.


Also, ensure the brand you choose has been approved by an independent testing organization as this will tell you that your pressure cooker has met or exceeded performance and quality standards.


The Correct Way to Use a Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers are known for their great speed when cooking food. These fast-cooking appliances are quite easy to use but may also be hard to operate especially in instances when you are new to these cookers.


In such a case, you must understand the operation of these cookers before you proceed to use the pressure cooker in preparing your meal. Despite these cookers being relatively easy to use, there is still a little learning curve to focus on especially when using complex pressure cookers.


Understand your Pressure Cooker

The first thing you should do before you embark on preparing meals with your pressure cooker is to understand how it works. This includes identifying all the parts as well as knowing how it works right from when you place your ingredients to when the food becomes cooked. Ideally, these cookers use pressurized steam to cook food enclosed in a cooking pot.


For purposes of safety and utmost efficiency when cooking, it is important to ensure that the cooking compartment is air-tight at all times. Once you understand how the cooker works, you should then identify the types of food you can prepare with the cooker. Most cookers come with a manual detailing the dos and don’ts when cooking food with the cookers.


Know how to use the controls

Different foods require different conditions such as pressure and cooking liquid amounts to prepare. This is why you need to familiarize yourself with the control system in the cooker so that you can know how to vary the temperature, pressure, and other variables.


Other than understanding how the controls work, you may also need to know how to convert units used in your recipe to those in the cooker. This is specifically in cookers that do not use standard measuring units such as pressure units, Fahrenheit or degree Celsius for temperature, and liters for volume.


Wrong interpretation and conversion of these units can lead to food being either overcooked or under-cooked. Whichever the outcome, the food will not be as delicious and tasty as you would want it to be.


Getting the best out of it

While pressure cookers are invaluable when it comes to cooking dried pulses, stewing meat, and boiling hard cereals like beans, there are several ways how you can get the best results from your cooker.


For starters, always ensure that you prepare all the necessary ingredients before you start cooking. This prevents you from wasting your valuable time preparing the ingredients when the cooker is running. 


You also need to vary heat accordingly depending on the type of food you are cooking. Using heat that is higher than required increases the amount of fuel used thus making the cooker expensive to run. Once the pressure in the cooker reaches high levels, you should lower the heat to prevent food from getting overcooked.

Take care

When opening the lid, make sure you tilt it away from where you are to avoid getting burnt by the escaping steam. In addition to this, in case your cooker does not have an automatic pressure release mechanism, be sure to release it before it gets over accumulated in the cooking pot. Refer to the pressure indicator in the cooker to monitor pressure build-up.


The Difference Between a Pressure Cooker and a Slow Cooker

Both pressure cookers and slow cookers are great cooking tools due to their convenience and hands-off cooking. These fantastic and handy tools are ideal for stewing and braising tough foods such as slices of meat, beans, and other hard foods.


However, as much as these appliances have similar or almost similar applications and results, they are quite different. Some of the differences between a slow cooker and a pressure cooker include:

The way the cookers work

Slow cookers just like their name suggests, use low heat in cooking foods for a long time duration. These cookers use moist heat in cooking food for a duration of time anywhere between 4 hours and 10 hours.


The food to be cooked is placed in the cooker (inside a heating compartment) and then covered with a lid. The cooker is then set to either low or high heat. Depending on the food you are preparing and the recipe you are following, occasional may be necessary. 

Overall, slow-cookers are hands-off cooking appliances.


Pressure cookers on the other hand cook food at a rather faster pace than when using conventional cooking methods. These cookers use pressure and steam heat thereby cooking foods fast within a very short time duration.


Though these cookers are appealingly complex than slow-cookers, they are very easy to use. The food to be cooked and a favorable cooking liquid such as water is sealed inside the cooking pot.


Eventually, as the liquid gets heated up and begins to boil, steam and pressure are formed inside the cooker.


This pressure raises the liquid’s boiling point to 250 degrees F and forces the liquid into the cooking food thereby reducing the cooking time.


What you can cook 

Both slow cookers and pressure cookers are great in cooking almost all types of foods, especially those that are hard or have tough outer shells.


When using a slow cooker, you can cook virtually any type of food such as vegetables, soups & stews, meat, bread, and desserts among other foods. 


However, the variety of foods that can be cooked in a pressure cooker is wider than that of a slow cooker.


A pressure cooker significantly reduces the cooking time for cereals like rice, dried beans, and corn. You can even use this cooker to prepare hard-boiled eggs.


For people who live in high-altitude areas, pressure cookers are the ideal cooking appliance for them.


This is because of the reason in high altitudes, the boiling point of most cooking liquids such as water is relatively low as compared to low altitude areas.


As such, in high altitudes, food may take very long to cook. Therefore, it is advisable to use a pressure cooker to reduce the cooking time of foods in such areas.


Can you substitute one cooker with the other?

No. Ideally, slow cookers and pressure cookers work differently, and as such, neither can be used to substitute the other cooker.

The main difference between the working of these appliances is their cooking speed. With pressure cookers being faster than slow cookers, the recipes used in a pressure cooker cannot be used in a slow cooker due to the difference in cooking time.


Busy? Save time by Pressure Cooking. Here’s How . . .

As a parent, you will always strive to make healthy foods for yourself and your family. However there are times when one will lack the energy to cook, or someone will not have the patience to stay hours slaving in the kitchen.


You can also be tired or not in the mood to wait for long periods for the food to cook. In other cases, you will come from work and get the kids hungry, yet you are too tired to wait for hours so that the food may cook. 


These situations may force one to take the family to prepackaged food, which in many cases it is not healthy. However, with a modern pressure cooker, it is possible to prepare the meal for the family very fast and within short periods.


Pressure cookers are very useful items in a household for busy people. The versatility, benefits, and usefulness of pressure cookers cannot be ignored especially to those people who have a busy life.


Acquiring a stainless steel pressure cooker of good quality is a long-term investment that will push you to more than 20 years of enjoying its benefits.


Someone may be unprepared until it gets late or someone may get late at the work and won’t have time to plan for dinner. Pressure cookers will provide delicious meals within a fraction of time, even when you have not planned the recipe.


Pressure cookers are best for a busy person who does not have all the time to plan and prepare the food. It also works for those who want to get in the kitchen and prepare a home-cooked meal for the family that is both nutritious and wholesome within a short time.


You don’t have to purchase junk food for your family, or the kinds of expensive fast foods, or prepackaged meals that have high-fat content, salt, additives, and other chemicals just because you don’t have time to prepare home-cooked foods. 


The cooking time of this food is usually greatly reduced, to a third of the normal cooking time of the foods. For example, preparing meat stew will take about 45 minutes when using conventional cooking methods, but the pressure cookers will take about 15 minutes to prepare. 


This does not mean the meat will be tough, it will be tender and with an added flavor.


Preparing a hearty bean soup using pressure cookers will take less than 10 minutes. This saves time to do other work, especially for busy people.


Purchasing a modern pressure cooker therefore will be helpful during a busy day in preparing nutritious homemade meals very fast. 


This will also save the money that you might use to buy prepackaged foods because you are too busy to prepare the food.


Pressure cookers use the same time, or an even shorter time to the microwave ovens, though its advantage over the microwave oven is the ability to prepare tasty food.


Spending little time cooking will create more time to spend with your family or for other activities such as sports, hobbies and other job activities.


Why Preppers Love their Pressure Cookers

Pressure cookers are versatile and long-lasting. Plus energy efficient which makes them a favorite with preppers. 


When adopting pressure cookers for other purposes, will be a great way of saving on fuel. This is because the pressure cookers will prepare the food in half the time that can be used to prepare a normal food while preserving the vitamins of the food to up to 55%. Cooking using pressure cookers furthermore helps control the odors and nobody will be aware of you preparing the food in the kitchen.


The pressure cooker therefore can be customized to other uses such as the following: 


First, the pressure cooker can be used for water purification. When water is poured into the cooker and heater to the highest boiling point, it will purify the water by removing any microorganisms and other impurities. The high pressure and steam will bring the water to a good boil and will make it pure to drink, especially when used on a campfire.


Apart from water purification, pressure cookers can also be used for water distillation. The cookers can be improvised to do the distillation of water very easily. This is done by removing the weight that is used to cover the steam vent on top of the lid.


This will result in the steam condensing as it goes through the hose where it will be collected in another container. The hoses however should be a bit longer to give time for the steam to cool down into the liquid for it to be collected.


However, this does not work with all types of pressure cookers, only those cookers with a vent designed in a nipple style on top of the lid. The water level in the cooker should also be checked and maintained to make sure enough water is collected.


Pressure cookers can also be used as canners. The cookers can be used for pressing the canning both for the metal cans and the glass cans. The speed to canner is also different, for example, a large one can do 14 quarts at a time, which is different depending on the size.


Furthermore, the cookers can be used as an improvised autoclave for sterilization. This is whereby the pressure cookers are improvised to be used to treat canning jars, baby bottles, and other medical instruments such as needles in case of an emergency.


When the cooker is heated for about 30 minutes, the heat in the pressure cooker will be about 250 degrees, which can sterilize medical instruments.


Lastly, pressure cookers can be used to roast meat and vegetables. This is when the foods are cooked for a shorter time and will be moist and tender because of the ability of the pressure cooker to retain the liquids.


They are just some of the reasons why you should be prepared and buy the best pressure cooker that you can afford.


Common Problems & Issues

Pressure cookers are some of the common items that are used in the kitchen, especially when preparing large dishes. They help to prepare food at a faster rate and within a short time. This helps to make a busy lifestyle less hectic especially if one is a working mom.


Working moms can prepare meals easily without worrying about being late for dinner, even after coming from work late. Such advantages have resulted in pressure cookers being an inevitable part of any kitchen.


However, just like any other mechanical equipment, the pressure cooker sometimes stops functioning, or in other cases, it will not perform as expected. It will take a lot of time to cook; the food might not be well cooked plus other minor and major cases which might lead to frustrations in cooking. 


Some of the common problems of pressure cookers include the following.

The number 1 most common problem is when the steam leaks especially around the lid of the cooker, which prevents the pressure from heating up. This will result in the food not cooking properly. This problem can be solved by checking the gasket of the cooker and ensuring it is well fixed and no food residues or cracks are found along with its trim. 


Also by washing the gasket with cold water, it can help to solve this issue. The gasket should be fixed properly and in the right direction with the words on the gasket facing upwards.


The second common problem in pressure cookers is when they are not able to prepare the food effectively within the estimated time frame. This is caused by several reasons such as when the cooker is filled with food and water in excess which ends up blocking the pressure and making the food not to cook properly.


Furthermore, the lids are held loosely which leads to the pressure not building up properly. The handles and the lids should therefore be kept in the right position always to make the cooker work best.


Water oozing out of the pressure valve or in other cases vapor dripping along the rims of the handle is another problem of the pressure cookers. 


This usually occurs during pressure build-up when the cooker tries to regulate the weights. The problem should stop after the pressure has been regulated. 


Another possible cause of the problem is when the residuals of food get layered to the inside of the vent pipe, and its solution is to clean the pipe.


Sometimes also the lid can get jammed during pressure buildup, and the lid will not open even after the heat has been turned off. This is another pressure cooker problem and it is solved by pouring cold water into the cooker which will release the pressure and the lid will come off easily.


The last problem is when there is a worn-out gasket that tends to prevent the pressure from building up and maintaining its level. Such a gasket is solved by replacing it.


How to Find the Best Pressure Canners

Whenever you think of how to cook low acid foods like poultry, milk, seafood, or even meat in your home, you should think of pressure canning as it is recommended to be the only safest way of canning to preserve such kinds of food.


With two different types of cans to choose from, including the pressure canners and the ordinary water canners you can make preference to which one it is that you would wish to use for the specific types of foods you may be planning to preserve or store in cans.


To come up with the right and correct decision as to which cans to use, you will have to pay keen interest on which foods you want to store. Finding the best yet original pressure canners can prove to be quite challenging for some people.


You, therefore, have to prepare in advance and select the right equipment that will help you to the fullest with whatever it is that you require. With the many pressure cookers available in the market, you will have to put into consideration a few factors that would help you in selecting the right equipment. 


You can do this by asking yourself a few general questions concerning what you need.


To find the best pressure canners for home use, you will have to consider the size of your oven as the canner has to fit inside your microwave.


This is why there are different dimensions available for you to choose from.


You then have to decide as to whether you prefer a pressure canner that has a weighted gauge or a dial gauge, although this is completely out of preference because both have a safety plug that is inbuilt within the canner for ventilation.


The weighted gauge will be audible as it makes a very loud rocking noise. On the other hand, the dial gauge provides a visible count of your current pressure.


A dedicated pressure canner will help you and serve you for a long time. With various sizes to choose from, larger pressure canners would be ideal because they would give you the capability of sealing more than one jar at a particular given time.


With a metal-to-metal seal, no air would find its way into the can making it completely safe. After considering all the specific features and specifications you would require, it is recommended you buy your pressure canners from legitimate online merchants who are registered with the relevant authorities to supply such commodities.


This is a determining factor because it would help you escape falling victim to those conning innocent individuals by selling fake items to them.


In conclusion, when you think of purchasing a pressure canner for your home use for the first time or even upgrading the one you already had at home, be careful and precise on the quality of whatever you buy. This will not only enable you to save your money but also allow you to put the pressure canner to good use for a long time.


Pros and Cons of Electric Pressure Cookers

Electric pressure cookers are some of the latest cooking appliances with great efficiency and reliability. From roasting meat to boiling beans and cooking soup & stew, these cooking devices are practically very useful in the kitchen.


The best thing about these cookers is that they reduce the cooking time of most hard foods by more than half their normal cooking time. These cookers are very similar to most conventional pressure cookers but only differ from them in that they are electric.


Pros of electric pressure cookers

Electric pressure cookers apply a specific mechanism that automatically releases steam from the cooker before it accumulates to unsafe levels. This is a great safety feature that provides for your safety while using the pressure cooker. This is because of the reason that accumulated steam in the cooker can inflict serious burns and injuries on a cook.


When using these cookers, you can attend to other chores and tasks while still cooking. In addition to this, these cookers are exceptionally efficient such that their power consumption is very low as compared to conventional pressure cookers. As such, they are very economical to use and maintain.


Electric pressure cookers are easier to clean as their cooking pots have non-stick coating finishes and also have removable cooking inserts. Most parts in the cookers are made using stainless steel thereby making it easy to clean the cookers after cooking.


However, when cleaning these cookers, it is important to be careful so that water does not get into the electrical component of the cookers. Such an occurrence may lead to electrocution after plugging the cookers into the power supply.


These cookers are environment friendly as they do not emit any smoke or gaseous products into the air. This makes the cookers ideal to use comfortably when preparing your meals without worrying about carbon monoxide poisoning- a common occurrence in stove pressure cookers.


Cons of electric pressure cookers

The greatest drawback of electric pressure cookers is that they make it difficult to accurately monitor the cooking process. This is due to the reason that these cookers have digital controls with variant measurement proportions.


For instance, one teaspoon of salt may be more or less than the cooker’s similar measurements. Therefore, unless you know the measurement conversions to use when following a recipe, you may end up preparing food in a way and taste you did not intend.


Another setback of using electric pressure cookers is that they may overcook food, especially in instances when they take long before venting steam. When cooking food that does not require to be cooked for long, you will need to be very attentive so that you can switch off the cooker immediately after the food becomes ready.


Since electric pressure cookers are designed and made differently, it is important to read the manufacturer’s instructions before using a particular cooker. Ensure that you are familiar with all the safety precautions recommended by the manufacturer.


Poor and wrong handling of these cookers can inflict severe injuries or even death in the event of electrocution. All-electric models have a pressure indicator that tells the cook when it is safe to open the cooker depending on the pressure in the cooking pot.


Five Reasons You Should Buy One

A pressure cooker is an important consideration for any modern kitchen. And in this article, I’ll attempt to answer the question that many people have, namely “Why should I buy a pressure cooker?”


Well, for a start it is one of those appliances that make cooking convenient and enjoyable. And anything that does that has got to be good.  


A pressure cooker offers its user the luxury of saving on time spent to prepare a meal, the ability to prepare a great variety of healthier meals, and the capacity to save on energy use.


In the past decade, everyone from housewives and home cooks to cutting-edge chefs has climbed aboard the pressure cooking express. Maybe you’re thinking of joining, but still need some convincing as to whether it’s a suitable way of cooking for your lifestyle and budget.


So, where should you begin? How best to decide if you should buy a pressure cooker or not? it is a worthwhile investment? It is a useful one and put back in the cupboard luxury? Nowadays, these pots come in all sizes and with all manner of specifications. 


Manufacturers compete against each other to provide more features for buyers and although some are undoubtedly useful, many can be classed as gimmicks.  


Once you’ve decided on the essential features. Then you also need to decide the size of the cooker. They vary from 3-4 quarts up to giant 10-quart cookers that are enough to feed a small army ( So are ideal for preppers ) 


As electric pressure cookers are designed to last for many years it’s worth considering how you might use on in the future and generally get a size larger than you might need at present. The price difference will only be a few bucks and it saves buying a new pot in a couple of years should your circumstances change.


As with most household goods, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer as to which brand and model you should buy. And to be honest, there’s not a great deal to choose between the top brands.  


It’s like buying a car. Buy one of the big brands, you won’t be disappointed and you know what you will get. Buy a cheap import and you’re likely to have problems within a few months.  


When compared to conventional cooking methods, pressure cookers are bound to provide the type of versatility that isn’t found with other cooking appliances.


Here are five reasons why you should consider buying a pressure cooker 


✓ Cooks food faster.  Cooking food using a pressure cooker makes use of very high temperatures (of at least 250 degrees Fahrenheit) resulting from the high pressure in the cooker. 


The high temperature enables one to save on cooking time when using a pressure cooker. Conventional cooking appliances will require you to spend four times as much time as you will when using a pressure cooker.


A pressure cooker allows you to regulate the amount of pressure and as a result, the amount of time you spend cooking. This factor is what makes pressure cookers a considerable choice for any kitchen. Coming up with complex meals over a short time frame is made possible by the use of pressure cookers.


✓ Safer cooking.  Pressure-cooked food is safer than food cooked conventionally. The high pressure in the cooker allows for very high cooking temperatures. This enables the destruction of germs and bacteria, making pressure-cooked food safe. Additionally, modern pressure cookers have been designed with up-to-date safety mechanisms.


The pressure cooker lid is built to hold steam within the pot; rid the pot of excessive steam; regulate the amount of pressure; fasten the pot and its handle to the lid and release the pressure once the cooking is complete. This guarantees that the chances of accidents in the kitchen stand are greatly reduced.


✓ Energy efficiency. Cooking requires energy, but a pressure cooker’s energy requirements and minimized. The fact that a pressure cooker takes a shorter time to cook means that it requires a reduced amount of energy. 


Additionally, a pressure cooker requires a reduced flame throughout the entire cooking process as opposed to conventional cooking methods. Regardless of whether the pressure cooker is electric or gas-powered, it uses thirty percent less energy than a regular cooking pot.


✓ Versatility and ease of use.  A pressure cooker is versatile in terms of the cooking methods applied to it. There is a wide variety of foods that one can cook using a pressure cooker. 


Any food that can be boiled, braised or stewed can also be cooked using a pressure cooker. You can cook meats, vegetables, stews, and starches using a pressure cooker. Breakfast meals, quick fixes, dinners, brunches can all be prepared using a pressure cooker. 


Pressure cookers come with easy-to-understand instructions to enable the user to have a hassle-free experience. Additionally, they are designed simplistically, making them easy to fix. 


They are also easy to clean (which makes them easy to maintain) as they are made of stainless steel. A pressure cooker has no emissions and helps keep your kitchen clean and soot-free.


✓ Nutrient retention.  Cooking food using a pressure cooker allows one to prevent nutrient loss. When one cooks food using conventional methods, most of the nutrients are lost through evaporation. 


When using a pressure cooker, one requires using just a little amount of water, which allows for the retention of most of the nutrients. Additionally, the high pressure forces the liquid into the food and hence infuses into the foods any nutrients that had dissolved into the liquid. 


The fact that pressure-cooked food takes a shorter time to cook also aids in nutrient retention. This makes cooking food using a pressure cooker, a suitable method of cooking vegetables and meats.


It’s also worth highlighting that pressure cooker designs have been improved to take into consideration more safety measures for the sake of the user. Traditional designs were a bit cumbersome in use.


They were also prone to causing explosions that could lead to accidents and took a bit too much effort in releasing steam to open the lid. Modern models have those design errors rectified, making them less cumbersome and safe to use.


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