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Best Electric Hand Mixers USA 2022

A hand mixer alone can save you a lot of hard work and time whether you have to do some quick kitchen tasks or special occasion baking. An electric hand mixer always gives you an extra hand from whipping egg whites to kneading bread dough.

In this post, we reviewed 7 best electric hand mixers based on our personal experience, we considered the following features while choosing an electric hand mixer for you:-

Motor peak power

How powerful is an electric hand mixer?

Depending on its motor power, we included hand-mixers that have motor power between 220 watts to 350-watts, So they are enough powerful to handle all your household tasks.


All mixers have a minimum of 5-speed settings. You can use the speed control knob to mix your recipe on the desired consistency. They are fast enough to do creamy batter and slow enough not to spew flour everywhere.

Components & Attachments

Most of these listed mixers have attachments for every task, whisk, and beater made by stainless steel, they are good for simple and complex baking with other cooking projects. All these attachments are easy to attach and can easily release as well by the ejector button.

Other Features

  • Light-weight and a proper grip to handle.
  • Air cooling vents for good airflow.
  • Multiple color combinations.


1. Braun MultiMix Hand Mixer

  • The mixer has the most powerful 350W motor and 9 speeds.
  • Light-weight smart-mix technology
  • The clean design of the mixer has a complete seal system. All components are dishwasher-safe.
  • The mixer has a one-handed speed controller and one button to switch between attachments.
  • The product comes with a soft grip that means better control.

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2. Shardor Hand Mixers

  • 350W power motor and 5 regular speed and turbo function
  • With 5 stainless steel components like- 1 hand mixer, 2 beaters, 2 dough hooks, 1 whisk & 1 compact storage case.
  • All the attachments of the mixer are dishwasher-safe
  • The compact storage base keeps all attachments in one place

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3. Hamilton Beach Softscrape Hand Mixer

  • Heavy and powerful hand mixer
  • The product includes a snap-on translucent black storage case for storing all the components.
  • Hand mixer comes with SoftScrape components & a scrape bowl for mixing.
  • The product has the power of a 300W motor with a quick burst button.

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4. Hamilton Beach Electric Hand Mixer

  • 290W powered hand mixer
  • 6 different speeds & a quick-burst button for the extra burst of power.
  • The product has the feature of the lowest speed pulse for added control & less mess.
  • The beaters of the mixer are designed for fast & easy mixing
  • The storage case of the mixer includes everything you want like 2 wire beaters, a rod, 2 dough hooks & a whisk. We can store all the accessories nicely in the snap-on storage case.

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5. Oster HeatSoft Hand Mixer

  • This mixer comes with a 270W motor & offers 7 speeds for various operations.
  • The Product makes the mixed ingredients soft with heat. It also allows you to bake at a moment’s notice with non-room temperature ingredients.
  • The product softens butter 12x faster than other products by using innovative heat soft technology. It brings cold butter to room temperature quickly.
  • The hand mixer includes durable full-size dough hooks, beaters & a whisk, so we can cook much variety of baking projects.
  • The mixer lets you remove beaters with a one-touch eject button without getting messy, so they can go directly into the dishwasher.
  • The mixer comes with a case of storage & it provides you portability.

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6.BLACK+DECKER Hand Mixers

  • The mixer has 250W power motor & 6 speeds. We can start slowly and prevent messy splattering.
  • We can boost the power of the mixer with a turbo button for tough mixing tasks. By clicking the turbo button the mixer increases to its maximum speed.
  • We can tackle various recipe operations with two dough hooks, two beaters & one whisk.
  • All the components are dishwasher-safe.
  • This hand mixer comes with a large storage case so we can keep the mixer & all its components in one place.

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7. Cuisinart Hand Mixers

  • The mixer comes with a 220W motor.
  • The Product has a simple on/off button; 1 touch speed control & it has also 9-speed options.
  • The hand mixer has 3 low start speeds that prevent ingredients from splattering & also has a snap-on clear storage case.
  • The product includes dough hooks, spatula, beaters, chef’s whisk & recipe book.
  • This mixer comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

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7 Best Electric Hand Mixers List

S.No. Hand Mixer Name Moter Power & Speed Buy Link
1. Braun MultiMix 350W & 9-Speed Buy Now
2. Shardor 350W & 5-Speed Buy Now
3. Hamilton Beach Softscrape 300W & 5-Speed Buy Now
4. Hamilton Beach 290W & 6-Speed Buy Now
5. Oster HeatSoft 270W & 6-Speed Buy Now
6. BLACK+DECKER 250W & 6-Speed Buy Now
7. Cuisinart 250W & 9-Speed Buy Now

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